Career Ranking

Career Ranking

List of evolutions in the career plan from the months of January to August

Ruby Ricardo Stradiotto
Emerald Ricardo Stradiotto
Ruby Clélio Fernando Cabral do Ó
Emerald Clélio Fernando Cabral do Ó
Ruby Helcio Feliix Goncalves
Saphire Ricardo Stradiotto
Ruby Pedro Arnoldo Casas Arrescurrenaga
Ruby Edson Salles
Emerald Helcio Feliix Goncalves
Ruby Yhene Marisol Palomino Fernandes
Emerald Edson Salles
Emerald Yhene Marisol Palomino Fernandes
Ruby Rosana Gomes de Salles
Ruby Everton Luiz Oliveira
Ruby Cícero Francisco Veloso
Ruby Andres Quispe Molina
Ruby Carla Martins Goncalves
Ruby Fridah Karwitha Marete
Ruby Esther Teresa Flores Albujar
Ruby Valdenir Cardoso da Silva
Saphire Yhene Marisol Palomino Fernandes
Saphire Edson Salles
Ruby Eduardo Osao Nagabe
Saphire Clélio Fernando Cabral do Ó